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Applications for admission are considered in view of the following points:

  • Completion of all application documents. All documentation needs to be in English. Any documentation not written in English will require an official translation (original documentation should be attached to the translation)
  • Outcomes of additional assessment, if appropriate
  • Availability of space in classes and option groups offered
  • Level of English/Learning Support needs
  • Availability of places for siblings
  • Appropriateness of programmes
  • Discretion of the Director and the appropriate Principal

Level of English

Up until PYP5, new students are not required to have prior knowledge of English. New students entering PYP6 - 8 are recommended to have prior skills in English.

Middle School students must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of English. Senior School students must offer evidence of English proficiency, spoken and written. At certain Year Levels, it may be possible to offer a restricted curriculum to students who are undergoing an intensive programme of support outside of ISB in order to enhance their acquisition of English. As the level of competence in English improves, a full curriculum will be offered accordingly.

Learning Support

We are able to offer Learning Support to students with mild learning difficulties. In order to be accepted into ISB, a student must be able to learn and progress academically, emotionally and socially in the mainstream classes on offer.

If prior reports or assessment indicate learning difficulties, a Learning Support teacher will interview and/or formally assess the student and advise whether ISB is the correct placement for the student and whether the School can adequately support the student's needs.

A probationary period may be offered before a student can be formally admitted to ISB. Please note: if any additional support is required other than can be offered by ISB, it is the financial responsibility of the parents.

In exceptional cases, the School may not be in a position to meet the needs of a student who requires specific Learning Support which is beyond the scope of the School. This may result in the School not being able to admit or to continue the education of a student where that student fails to thrive and the educational progress of that student is at risk.

There is no Learning Support offered in Year Levels DP1 - 2.

Behavioural and Academic Issues

If previous reports or the Confidential School Questionnaire (CSQ) indicate behavioural and/or academic issues, the previous school will be contacted in order to seek clarification and further information. A probationary period may be offered before a student can be formally admitted to ISB.

As learning and/or behavioural difficulties may not always be apparent at the time of admission or may arise after a student has been attending ISB, the Director reserves the right to advise parents/guardians that a student must be withdrawn from ISB.

Physical Disabilities

ISB is not equipped to support with students with severe physical disabilities. For further information please contact Admissions.

Please note that it is a requirement that your child is toilet-trained to be accepted in PYP1.



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About ISB

Situated in a beautiful and dynamic region of Switzerland, ISB is an English-speaking international day school which provides students aged 3-18 with the education, support and inspiration they need to become global citizens.



ISB has many years’ experience supporting students and families from all over the world. We accept students throughout the School year, dependent on availability of space and fulfillment of entry requirements. 


ISB is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Currently studied by over one million students in 148 countries, the IB prepares students with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world.


ISB is situated on three campuses, all easily accessible by public transport.

Student Services

The facilities, technological and personnel support on offer at ISB make a vital contribution to the academic, social and emotional development of all students at the School.

Student Life

Sports, drama, music, art, debate, representation, recreation – at ISB, there are numerous ways for students of all ages to cooperate and compete to improve existing skills or try something new.

Parent Community


Individual parents and parent groups constitute an indispensable part of the vibrant community of ISB. 

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