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Questions (and answers) are a vital part of the application process

What are ISB’s key considerations during the applications process?

Applications for admission are considered in view of the following points:

  • Completion of all application documents. All documentation needs to be in English. Any documentation not written in English will require an official translation (original documentation should be attached to the translation)
  • Outcomes of additional assessment, if appropriate
  • Availability of space in classes and option groups offered
  • Level of English/Learning Support needs
  • Availability of places for siblings
  • Appropriateness of programmes
  • Discretion of the Director and the appropriate Principal.

How long does the application process usually take?

The processing of the application takes 1 to 2 weeks. The Head of Admissions will contact you to confirm receipt of your application via email once we receive all the required documentation.

Is my child required to take an entrance exam?

ISB does not require students to take a formal entrance exam. However in certain cases, depending on information received from the application documentation or gathered during interview, further assessment may be necessary. Assessment may include but is not limited to the following areas:

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Learning Support

As part of the admissions process, applicants may also be required to spend time in the appropriate school section to undergo assessment. Assessment will be scheduled as part of the school visit if it is known prior to the visit that additional testing is necessary.

In Senior School, students will ordinarily be interviewed by the Senior School Principal as part of the admissions process. A student’s general standard of English, along with their subject knowledge and background, may require that students sit for assessment tests to determine suitability for programmes on offer in Senior School.

Is there a deadline for application?

No, we accept applications throughout the year. Once you know you are moving to Basel, we strongly suggest that applications be submitted. Our classes do fill up and it is best to avoid a waiting list situation.

Does my child have to start ISB on a specific date?

We encourage all students to start at the new school year in August. However we accept students throughout the school year providing there is space in the relevant year level placement.

My child is currently receiving learning support, will ISB be able to accept him/her?

ISB offers learning support for students with a range of learning profiles. Submission of psycho-educational evaluations, speech language/occupational/physical therapy evaluations, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 Accommodation Plans, Behavior Plans and history of behavioral issues, medical information that impacts their child’s learning, and other relevant information related to learning and school performance is required for those students with previous documentation. The School reviews all records in order to make a decision about the type of support and programming essential for meeting the needs of your child. A continuum of service delivery options is available at all grades for students with mild, moderate, and intensive learning profiles.

Please note: Students with intensive learning needs might require additional supports to access the full school curriculum. This support might come in the form of a 1:1 teacher assistant, therapies, psycho-educational evaluation, and/or our Intensive Needs Program. These additional supports are charged to the individual child’s parents.

My child has had little or no English, will ISB accept him/her?

At ISB there are three English learning stages for students who enter the English as an Additional Language (EAL) support programme: Emerging, Developing, Consolidating. The school provides a nurturing and welcoming environment for students who have no prior experience of English, or have been learning English previously.

Students’ English competency will be evaluated at the admission stage and thereafter, to inform their appropriate placement and subsequent support. There are different expectations based on the programme/school section (Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme) to which they are applying.

English as an Additional Langauge

How difficult will it be to transition mid-year?

Our teaching staff and student body make every effort to welcome our new students and ensure that the transition to ISB is as smooth as possible.

Does ISB provide financial assistance?

ISB does not provide financial assistance. Read the ISB Financial Regulations for more information.

Are certain vaccinations required to enter the School?

No, but we do require a copy of your child’s vaccination record and all three health forms to be completed and submitted with the Application for Admissions Form prior to the first day of School. A School Nurse is stationed at all campuses.

Can my child spend time at ISB before entering the School?

You are welcome to contact the Head of Admissions to arrange for a school tour or visit. In addition, at the beginning of every school year, there is a New Family Event Day for new families and students where you can familiarise yourselves with the buildings and teachers Junior School.

Who attends ISB?

We currently have students representing nearly 60 different nationalities, of whom 55% are mother-tongue English speakers.

How many students attend ISB?

We have approximately 1,460 students at our three campuses.

What is the average length of stay?

This varies greatly but the average span is about 5 years. We have a growing number of families who are making Basel their home. This offers a great deal of stability to the student population.

What should the student expect on their first day?

All new joiners will be met at Reception by either the Principal or Head of Year on their first day. Students from Junior School upwards are also assigned a “buddy” to help them on their first day.

Timetables, locker numbers, and diaries (when applicable) will be given to the students by their Home Room Teacher on the first day.

Where is the School Shop located and what are the opening hours?

Reinach Campus

A wide variety of school supplies, including gym kits, and school clothing can be purchased by students, staff and parents.

The shop is generally only open when school is in session.
Monday 12:30 – 16:30
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 08:15 – 12:15
Thursday 12:00 – 16:00
Friday Closed

Please note: Opening hours may be subject to change and prices can only be accessed once you are a current ISB family.

Is there a dress code?

Although Students at ISB are not required to wear a school uniform, there is a student dress code.  Students are expected to dress appropriately on campus and at all school activities. This means that student’s appearance should be:

  • Suitable for a workplace
  • Conducive to learning
  • Not distracting to others

Is school transportation offered?

School transportation is not provided. The Number 11 Tram stops outside all three campuses "Reinacherhof" for Reinach, "Reinach Süd" for Fiechten and "Arlesheimerstrasse" for Aesch.

When can I access the School Website Portals?

Parents will receive login credentials for the School website portals with the acceptance letter from Admissions.

What are the sizes of the classes?

Junior School: up to 20 students

Middle & Senior School: up to 24 students

Head of Admissions

Admissions Coordinator





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Grade 12  Parent
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“There is a warm feeling in the school among the students and a feeling of inclusion between so many nationalities."

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About ISB

Situated in a beautiful and dynamic region of Switzerland, ISB is an English-speaking international day school which provides students aged 3-18 with the education, support and inspiration they need to become global citizens.



ISB has many years’ experience supporting students and families from all over the world. We accept students throughout the School year, dependent on availability of space and fulfillment of entry requirements. 


ISB is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Currently studied by over one million students in 148 countries, the IB prepares students with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world.


ISB is situated on three campuses, all easily accessible by public transport.

Student Services

The facilities, technological and personnel support on offer at ISB make a vital contribution to the academic, social and emotional development of all students at the School.

Student Life

Sports, drama, music, art, debate, representation, recreation – at ISB, there are numerous ways for students of all ages to cooperate and compete to improve existing skills or try something new.

Parent Community


Individual parents and parent groups constitute an indispensable part of the vibrant community of ISB. 

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